Leadership Development Workshops

Would you like to increase leadership and management effectiveness in your organisation?

Take a look at our flexible workshop modules. You can choose any of the modules for your managers and supervisors to attend and they can dip in and out of the programme if they need to. We can adapt the modules to your specific company requirements.

Module 1 – Leading the way forward

  • Thinking and behaving like a leader
  • Strategic management and leadership
  • Self - assessment using on line assessment tool
  • Shaping up for management – how to get the right balance of results focus, people focus and creativity

Module 2 – Managing where it matters

  • Learning the essential requirements of a leader
  • Focus on results – objectives, targets, KPIs
  • Focus on standards – understanding conduct and capability, correcting and supporting
  • The power of one to ones and documentation
  • Delegation and empowerment

Module 3 – Emotionally intelligent leadership

  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • 360 degree feedback based on emotionally intelligent behaviours
  • Individual support and coaching based on the 360 degree feedback
  • Inspirational leadership that wins support, loyalty and discretionary effort
  • Soft skills models and how to develop empathy
  • There is some charisma in you … how to find it and develop it
  • How to become a nourishing manager

Module 4 – Managing performance

  • Understanding performance management (Based on CIPD opinion)
  • How to be effective in giving and receiving feedback
  • Making the appraisal system work for you
  • Improving team performance
  • Improving individual performance
  • Conducting difficult interviews

Module 5 – How to build a motivated team

  • Research, study and experience including Blessing & White study and study by Syd Strike Training Solutions
  • Motivators and de motivators
  • Employee engagement – tried and tested behaviours
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Model for building a motivated team

Module 6 – HR for Non HR Managers

  • How to be effective with capability
  • Attendance management
  • Discipline and grievance
  • Equal opportunities and how to avoid discriminating
  • Bullying and harassment

Module 7 – Personal Effectiveness

  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Effective meeting skills

Module 8 – Recruitment and Selection Skills

  • The need to recruit – is it truly necessary?
  • Being clear about the role
  • Writing a person specification
  • Writing a job advertisement
  • Preparation and the interview plan
  • How to avoid bias – what to do about gut feeling and the halo effect
  • Short listing
  • Interviewing skills and practice
  • Competence based interviews
  • The selection process
  • Tests and activities
  • Killing the myths – being clear about how to use and not to use scoring
  • Operating within the law

Module 9 – Delivering Powerful Presentations

  • What is a powerful presentation
  • How to deliver a powerful presentation, with skill, energy, conviction, confidence and results
  • Preparing the message, the audience and the sell
  • Practice and feedback … as much as you want
  • Structure and creativity
  • Weaving in the message
  • The Purpose and the sell
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Question and answer sessions

Module 10 – Leadership Styles

  • Understanding seven leadership styles
  • Identifying which styles are appropriate for your organisation/team
  • Learning and practising different styles
  • Action planning for future leadership

Module 11 – Coaching and Mentoring

  • Effective communication
  • The communication continuum
  • Different approaches to coaching
  • Practice and review
  • Understanding mentoring
  • The mentoring process

Module 12 – Developing high performing teams and individuals

  • What makes a high performing team?
  • How do we develop top performing individuals
  • An assessment tool to help you build your high performing team
  • An assessment tool to help you become the leader of a high performing team
  • Leading by example

How will you benefit from this training opportunity?

  • Your managers and team leaders can attend sessions that will best support their needs
  • Your managers and team leaders can build on their existing skills and knowledge by getting up to speed with recent thinking and research on leadership and management
  • They will pick up new skills and ideas and be reminded of some they already know but have forgotten to use
  • They will learn some new ideas that they can put into practice immediately so that their team and your organisation will feel the benefit
  • See the difference in their teams when they begin to put the learning into practice
  • We can tailor the modules to your specific requirements so that you are able to tackle real work issues immediately
  • We will also provide post course support to your managers



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